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JEAN PAUL EL TROGLODITA "El encanto de tus ojos / Marilu" MAG

Jean Paul El Troglodita (1975)

Side A: El encanto de tus ojos
Side B: Marilu
Disc number: VHP 1 0012
Label: VHP / El Virrey

DAWN "Knock three times / Home" Odeon

Dawn (1970)

Side A: Toca tres veces (Knock three times)
Side B: Hogar (Home)
Disc number: 11153
Label: Odeon / El Virrey

DAWN "Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree / I can't believe how much i love you" Bell

Dawn (1973)

Side A: Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree (Ata un lazo amarillo alrededor del viejo roble)
Side B:  I can't believe how much i love you (No puedo creer lo mucho que te amo)
Disc number: 20008143
Label: Bell / El Virrey

DAWN "Candida / Look at..." Odeon

Dawn (1970)

Side A: Candida
Side B: Look at... (Mira)
Disc number: 11109
Label: Odeon / El Virrey

CLASSICS IV "Traces / Mary, Mary row your boat" Liberty

Classics IV (1969)

Side A: Huellas (Traces)
Side B: Maria, Maria rema tu bote (Mary, Mary row your boat)
Disc number: LIB 02014 F
Label: Liberty / El Virrey

CLASSICS IV "Stormy / Strange changes" Liberty

Classics IV (1968)

Side A: Stormy (Tormentosa)
Side B: Strange changes (Cambios extranos)
Disc number: LIB 02017
Label: Liberty / El Virrey

DONNA SUMMER & BARBARA STREISAND "Enough is enough (No more tears) / Lucky" Casablanca

Donna Summer (1979)

Side A: Es suficiente (no mas lagrimas) (Enough is enough (No more tears))
Side B: Con suerte (Lucky)
Disc number: F CAS 0900118.4
Label: Casablanca / El Virrey

DONNA SUMMER "Last dance / With your love" Casablanca

Donna Summer (1978)

Side A: Last dance (El ultimo baile)
Side B: With your love (Con tu amor)
Disc number: 0900106.7
Label: Casablanca / El Virrey

TOTO "99 / St. George and the dragon" CBS

Toto (1979)

Side A: 99
Side B: St. George and the dragon (San Jorge y el dragon)
Disc number: CSR 1097
Label: CBS / Sono Radio

PAUL ANKA "(You're) having my baby / Papa" UA

Paul Anka (1974)

Side A: (You're) having my baby (Vas a tener mi bebe)
Side B: Papa
Disc number: UAI 20128
Label: UA / El Virrey

BRENDA LEE "Let's jump the broomstick / Sweet nothings" Decca

Brenda Lee (1959)

Side A: Saltando el palo de la escoba (Let's jump the broomstick)
Side B: Dulces tonterias (Sweet nothings)
Disc number: D 394 F
Label: Decca / El Virrey

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THE WHO "Won't get fooled again / I don't even know myself" Polydor

The Who (1971)

Side A: No me tontearan nuevamente (Won't get fooled again)
Side B: No me conozco (I don't even know myself)
Disc number: 2121057
Label: Polydor / El Virrey

THE WHO "5.15 / Water" Polydor

The Who (1973)

Side A: 5.15
Side B: Agua (Water)
Disc number: 2094115
Label: Polydor / El Virrey

THE WHO "Summertime blues / Heaven and hell" Polydor

The Who (1970)

Side A: Tristeza de verano (Summertime blues)
Side B: Cielo e infierno (Heaven and hell)
Disc number: 2058044
Label: Polydor / El Virrey

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

TOTO "Hold the line / Manuela run" CBS

Toto (1978)

Side A: Hold the line (Conserva la linea)
Side B: Manuela run (Corre Manuela)
Disc number: CSR 1042
Label: CBS / Sono Radio

TOTO "I'll supply the love / Takin'it back" CBS

Toto (1978)

Side A: I'll supply the love (Yo abastecere el amor)
Side B: Takin'it back (Retirala)
Disc number: CSR 1055
Label: CBS / Sono Radio

THE MUSIC EXPLOSION "Little bit o'soul / I see the light" Odeon

The Music Explosion (1967)

Side A: Pequena alma (Little bit o'soul)
Side B: Veo la luz (I see the light)
Disc number: 9983
Label: Odeon  / Iempsa

THE T-BONES "No matter what shape (Your stomach's in) / Feelin' fine" Liberty

The T-Bones (1966)

Side A: No importa que forma (No matter what shape (Your stomach's in)
Side B: Sentirse bien (Feelin' fine)
Disc number: 45 518
Label: Liberty

THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH "Troglodyte (cave man) / I promise to remember" RCA Victor

The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1972)

Side A: El troglodita (Troglodyte (cave man))
Side B:  Prometo recordarte (I promise to remember)
Disc number: 85-1398
Label: RCA Victor / FTA

DREAM EXPRESS "Dream express / Spinning top" EMI

Dream Express (1977)

Side A: Dream express (Expreso del sueno)
Side B: Spinning top (Girando hacia arriba)
Disc number: 01.21.1080
Label: EMI / Iempsa

ROD STEWART "Another heartache / You're in my heart (The final acclain)" WB

Rod Stewart (1986)

Side A: Otra pena (Another heartache)
Side B: You're in my heart (The final acclain)
Disc number: F6 WBR 0728631.3
Label: WB / El Virrey

ROD STEWART "Ain't love a bitch / Scarred and scared" WB

Rod Stewart (1979)

Side A: Ain't love a bitch (No es el amor malo)
Side B: Scarred and scared
Disc number: F WBR 0008810.5
Label: WB / El Virrey

MIKE + THE MECHANICS / FAHED MITRE "The living years / Vacia no eres normal" Promo El Virrey

 Mike + The Mechanics / Fahed Mitre Promo (1989)

Side A: Los anos vividos (The living years)
Side B: Vacia no eres normal
Disc number: CPR 021
Label: Atlantic / El Virrey

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "Last train to London / Dreaming of 4000" CBS

Electric Light Orchestra (1979)

Side A: Last train to London (Ultimo tren a Londres)
Side B: Dreaming of 4000
Disc number: CRS 1091
Label: CBS / Sono Radio

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "Roll over Beethoven (Short version) / Showdown" EMI

Electric Light Orchestra (1979)

Side A: Roll over Beethoven (Short version)
Side B: Showdown
Disc number: 01.21.1013
Label: EMI / Iempsa

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "Shine a little love / Jungle" CBS

Electric Light Orchestra (1979)

Side A: Shine a little love (Brilla un pequeno amor)
Side B: Jungle (Jungla)
Disc number: CRS 1045
Label: CBS / Sono Radio

FRIDA "I Know there's something going on / Threnody" RCA

Frida (1982)

Side A: Se que algo esta pasando
Side B: Threnody
Disc number: XRPBO 1175
Label: RCA / FTA

AFTER THE FIRE "Der kommissar / Der kommissar" Epic

After the Fire (1982)

Side A: Der kommissar (El comisario)
Side B: Der kommissar (El comisario)
Disc number: 7193
Label: Epic / CBS

GENESIS "Abacab / Another record" Vertigo

Genesis (1982)  

Side A: Abacab
Side B: Otro disco (Another record)
Disc number: F5 TGO 6000711.5
Label: Vertigo / El Virrey

DIRE STRAITS "Sultans of swing / Eastbound train" Vertigo

Dire Straits (1979)

Side A: Sultans of swing (Sultanes del swing)
Side B: Eastbound train (Tren con recorrido al este)
Disc number: 6059206.3
Label: Vertigo / El Virrey

DIRE STRAITS "Twisting by the pool / Badges, posters, stickers, t-shirts" Vertigo

Dire Straits (1983)

Side A: Bailando junto a la piscina (Twisting by the pool)
Side B: Emblemas, posters, calcomanias, polos (Badges, posters, stickers, t-shirts)
Disc number: F TGO 8127847.6
Label: Vertigo / El Virrey

DONNA SUMMER "On the radio / There will always be a You" Casablanca

Donna Summer (1980)

Side A: En la radio (On the radio)
Side B: Siempre habra un Tu(There will always be a You)
Disc number: F CAS 0900121.3
Label: Casablanca / El Virrey