viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

THE ROLLING STONES "Going to a go go / Beast of burden" Iempsa

The Rolling Stones  (1982)

Side A: Going to a go go (Yendo a un go go)
Side B: Beast of burden (Bestia de carga)
Disc number: 01.21.1994
Label: Iempsa

THE B-52'S "Song for a future generation / Trism" WB

The B-52's  (1983)

Side A: Cancion para la generacion futura (Song for a future generation)
Side B: Trism
Disc number: F WBR 0029561.7
Label: WB / El Virrey

PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION "Let's go crazy / Erotic city" Promo WB

Prince and The Revolution Promo (1984)

Side A: Vamos a volvernos locos (Let's go crazy)
Side B: Ciudad erotica (Erotic city)
Disc number: F WBR 0729216.9
Label: WB / El Virrey

JEFFERSON STARSHIP "No way out / Rose goes to Yale" Promo RCA

Jefferson Starship Promo (1984)

Side A: No way out (Sin salida)
Side B: Rose goes to Yale (Rosa va a Yale)
Disc number: 01.44.100188
Label: RCA/ Iempsa


Iron Butterfly / Aretha Franklin / Wilson Pickett / The Rascals PS (1969)

Side A: Verdadero miedo (Real Fright) (Iron Butterfly) / Piensa (Think) (Aretha franklin) 
Side B: Funky Broadway (Wilson Pickett) / Regresame (Carry me back) (The Rascals)
Disc number: ATL 501 C
Label: Atlantic / El Virrey

DONNA SUMMER "Love is control / Sometimes like butterflies" PS Promo WB

Donna Summer Promo (1982)

Side A: El amor esta controlado (Love is control)
Side B: Algunas veces como mariposas (Sometimes like butterflies)
Disc number: F5 WBR 0079302.7
Label: WB / El Virrey

LAUREN WOOD "Please don't leave / Where did I get these tears" WB

Lauren Wood (1980)

Side A: Por favor no te vayas (Please don't leave)
Side B: Donde consegui estas lagrimas (Where did I get these tears)
Disc number: F WBR 0049043.7
Label: WB / El Virrey

CREAM "Badge / What a bringdown" Polydor


Side A: Insignia (Badge)
Side B: Que tristeza (What a bringdown)
Disc number: L 70282 F
Label: Polydor / El Virrey

PETER SCHILLING "Major Tom (coming home) / Major Tom (Vollig losgelost)" Promo WEA

Peter Schilling Promo (1983)

Side A: Major Tom (viene a casa) (Major Tom (coming home))
Side B: Major Tom (viene a casa) (Major Tom (Vollig losgelost)) (Version Alemana)
Disc number: F WEA 0069811.6
Label: WEA / El Virrey

MADONNA "True blue / Ain't no big deal" WB

Madonna  (1986)

Side A: Triste de verdad (True blue)
Side B: No es gran cosa (Ain't no big deal)
Disc number: WBR 0728591
Label: WB / El Virrey

MADONNA "Open your heart / White heat" WB

Madonna  (1987)

Side A: Abre tu corazon (Open your heart)
Side B: Calor blanco (White heat)
Disc number: S WBR 0728508.3
Label: WB / El Virrey

MADONNA "Material girl / Pretender" WB

Madonna  (1985)

Side A: Chica material (Material girl)
Side B: Pretendiente (Pretender)
Disc number: F WBR 0729083.6
Label: WB / El Virrey

PHIL COLLINS "In the air tonight / The roof is leaking" Promo Atlantic

Phil Collins Promo (1981)

Side A: En el aire esta noche (In the air tonigh)
Side B: El techo esta goteando (The roof is leaking)
Disc number: F ALT 0039947.0
Label: Atlantic / El Virrey

SUPERTRAMP "My kind of lady / Know who you are" A&M

Supertramp (1982)

Side A: My kind of lady (Mi clase de dama)
Side B: Know who you are (Conoce que eres)
Disc number: CSR 1233
Label: A&M / CBS

STACEY Q "Two of hearts / Dancing nowhere" Atlantic

Stacey Q (1986)

Side A: Dos de corazones (Two of hearts)
Side B: Bailando en ninguna parte (Dancing nowhere)
Disc number: ALT 0789381
Label: Atlantic / El Virrey

SURVIVOR "Eye of the tiger / Take you on a Saturday" Epic

Survivor (1981)

Side A: Eye of the tiger  (Ojo de tigre)
Side B: Take you on a saturday (Te llevo un sabado)
Disc number: 7183
Label: Epic / CBS

MIGUEL BOSE "Bravo muchachos / Son amigos" CBS

Miguel Bose  (1982)

Side A: Bravo muchachos
Side B:  Son amigos
Disc number: CSR 1220
Label: CBS 

ROCKWELL "He's a Cobra / Change your ways" Promo Motown

Rockwell Promo (1985)

Side A: He's a Cobra (El es una cobra)
Side B: Change your ways (Cambia tu comportamiento)
Disc number: 01.44.710153
Label: Motown / Iempsa